Sam Hanson and Keith Lehman

Sam Hanson

Sam is the midday [10am-3pm] radio personality for local hit radio station, G101.3. She has lived in Indiana for roughly a year, but is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She is an advocate for both children and animals alike, spending most of her free time volunteering for Help the Animals here in Richmond, as well as for organizations such as Morrisson-Reeves Library, Girls Inc., and the Richmond Family YMCA. Sam is known as the “Holographic Charizard Card of  Radio” by the listeners, which in itself means simply that she is a rare breed. Why, you ask? Sam is a bit of a dork, but she embraces it. You’ll see exactly what we mean before her performance is complete! She enjoys playing video games, reading comic books, and power-watching entire series’ of shows, such as: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Law & Order: SVU, and many others. Sam enjoys people, so her job at the radio station is perfect for her. She also enjoys photography and playing around with Photoshop in her spare time. Sam is not yet married, but resides in Richmond with her longtime boyfriend, David, and their 3 dogs: Brutus, Jackie Chan, and Jecht [Jeh-kt].  Sam knows no stranger, so feel free to say hello at any time out and about in the community. Also, she is not a dancer, so this is really outside of her comfort zone. But as she says: anything for the kids!

Keith Lehman

Keith Lehman was born in Reading England  is what one would refer to as a ‘cool dad’ because he is really just a big kid himself. Keith is the biological father of two, Jake (20) and Taylor (22). Fun fact about Keith, though, is that he is also the adoptive father of four other children: Gary (12), Gabriel (9), Aeriana (8), and Olivia (5). Keith has always been an advocate for children and is incredibly excited to be a part of raising money for Birth to Five because he believes that every child deserves the same chance as every other child; Birth to Five helps make that happen. Keith works at Taconic as an animal care supervisor and, in addition, is a Beachbody coach. When Keith isn’t studying for his classes at IU East, he enjoys hiking, being outdoors, or attending concerts.  Keith believes that if you just go out of your way to be happy, everything will be great; you just have to believe it will be

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