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Young children grow and develop physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively through stable, loving relationships with adults, especially their parents. Therefore, programs must recognize and respect the centrality of parent-child relationships rather than attempting to work with children in isolation from their families.

Learning begins at birth. Despite this widely accepted fact, school systems have until recently concentrated their efforts largely on children over age five, and to a lesser extent on children ages three to five. The last decade, however, has seen tremendous growth in both professional knowledge and public awareness about the importance of the first three years after birth and the role of the family in the life of the child.

Birth to Five is a non-profit that offers FREE SERVICES creating a family-centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high-quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education for any Wayne County, Indiana children from birth through age 5.

 Through home visits families are:

  • Given information on milestones for each age level
  • Shown examples of activities to meet those milestones
  • Given screenings to help identify any development delays
  • Offered support and resources for delays
  • Provided resource information for other help needed
  • Given information on Kindergarten Readiness activities
  • Encouraged to attend Playgroup and other Community activities
  • Offered support and encouragement focusing on the family’s strengths

3 programs…4 components:

  • FREE Personalized Home Visits
  • FREE Developmental & Health Screenings
  • FREE Group Events
  • FREE Community Resource Networking


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