We believe that parents are the best authority on determining their family’s needs and that they re ultimately responsible for their children. All families have strengths which need to be recognized and very child should reach his or her potential. Available services should begin early to support the needs of the family.


The goals of Healthy Families Indiana are to prevent negative childhood outcomes, increase parenting skills and behaviors, increase healthy pregnancy practices, increase ongoing health care practices, increase mental health indicators, increase social support, and improve family functioning.

* Families enroll in this program before the child is three months old.

* Group Events are open to anyone in Wayne County, these gatherings provide opportunities for social interaction for child and adult.

Free Personalized Home Visits

Are at least an hour.

Offered weekly for the first year.

Include child development and parenting information and developmentally appropriate activities (many of which are homemade!)

Focus on individualized family goals and celebrating accomplishments.

Group Events

Events and holiday events are scheduled throughout the year as funding opportunities are made available.

Developmental and Health Screenings

Completed during the home visit.

Ages & Stages screening at 3 months and every 6 months following.

Referrals provided (such as to First Steps or to a medical care provider) if there are potential developmental delays or concerns with vision or hearing.

Community Resource Networking

This simply means we assist families in connecting with many other programs and agencies to create a support network around the family and child.

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