Our Team

Healthy Families

Vickie Grimme-Powell
Healthy Families Supervisor
Master of Social Work
Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor.

Ashley Daniels   

Family Assessment Worker / Family Support Worker

Megan Hendrix
Family Assessment Worker/ Family Support Worker 

Wendy Knight
Family Assessment Worker / Family Support Worker

Shea Ziegler
Family Support Worker

Seana Reynolds

Family Assessment Worker /Family Support Worker

Parents as Teachers

Linda Irwin

Executive Director
Healthy Families Manager
Parents as Teachers

Cynthia Isaacs
Parent Educator
Supporting Care Provider

Debbie Browning
Parent Educator

Kendra Allen

Assistant Executive Director

Master of Arts-Educational Leadership
Bachelor of Science-Human Services Administration

Barb Judy
Executive Assistant

Board of Directors

Jenna Hampton
Ivy Tech Community College
Vice President
Lynnette Davis
Wesleyan Church


Sheila Miller

Don Hoffer

Miami University

Doug Goss
Richmond City Council

Ashley Sieb
Pam Harth
Former Parents as Teachers
Amanda Wilson
Jacy House
Nick Dunlap
Wayne County Democrats
Paige Jennings

Nature’s Nook

The Board of Directors meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

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