“Care providers play a critical role in the development of children.  Often they have the responsibility for nurturing and educating children during a majority of their waking hours.  Parents depend on care providers for reports and observations about their children’s progressive development.  They frequently look to care providers as a necessary support when juggling work and family life.

The goal of Supporting Care Providers is to give child care providers research based information in a way that is supportive and educational.  It also provides a structure for care providers to pass on that knowledge to the parents of the children in their care through specially designed Parent Pages.  These pages help parents extend their child’s learning experience in their own home.” (from the Parents As Teachers curriculum for the Supporting Care Providers program)

Free Personalized Home Visits

  • last about an hour
  • scheduled monthly
  • include child development information for infants/toddlers (ages birth to 3 years) and preschoolers (ages 3-5 years)
  • include developmentally appropriate activities ( many of which are homemade!)
  • provide information to give to parents

Call the Birth-to-Five office to start now!

Developmental and Health Screenings

  • completed during the visit, upon parent consent

Group Events

Playgroups are weekly and located throughout Wayne County (see Events). Other events such as Book Buddies, Guys Night Out, holiday events, etc. are scheduled throughout the year as funding opportunities are made available.

Open to anyone in Wayne County, these gatherings provide opportunities for social interaction for child and adult. 

Community Resource Networking

simply means we assist families in connecting with many other programs and agencies to create a support network around the family and child.  Call us any time!

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