Supporting Care Providers

Supporting Care Providers (SCP) support, mentor, and educate childcare providers by building relationships and using a strength-based approach during the monthly or bi-monthly visits. The goal is to give childcare providers research-based information and evidence-based practices that will support the development of the children they work with. Included with each visit are activities and handouts for care providers and parents on development and ways to extend the learning that took place during the visit.

Birth-to-Five/Parents as Teachers believes that all children deserve the chance and encouragement to develop to their optimal level and reach their full potential. The SCP curriculum supports this belief and provides tools for both caregivers and parents to help with their development. SCP addresses 5 areas of providers’ needs:

  1. Identify supporting networks
  2. Provided information about child development
  3. Provide information on health and safety
  4. Provide ideas of activities to support development
  5. Help to build parent-caregiver and child-caregiver relationships

“It is like a breath of fresh air when Ms. Cindy visits. I always get new ideas, encouragement, and support. The children look forward to her visits.” – Ina’s Childcare

* Please call the Birth-to-Five office if you are interested in enrolling.

* Group Events are open to anyone in Wayne County, these gatherings provide opportunities for social interaction for child and adult.

Group Events

Playgroups are weekly and located throughout Wayne County.

Other events such as Kindergarten Readiness and holiday events are scheduled throughout the year as funding opportunities are made available.

Community Resource Networking

This simply means we assist families in connecting with many other programs and agencies to create a support network around the family and child.

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