At Birth-To-Five we pride ourselves on the development our children achieve. Here is the feedback we receive from their families.

“I learned what to expect from my child and ways to interact with her.”

“I’ve learned that every child grows and learns at a different pace.”

“I have learned that it is important to read to Amelia everyday.”

“It’s nice to know your child is on target developmentally. I like to see the different activities and get ideas of ways to enhance their developmental changes.”

“The single most important thing I gained with the program is learning different ways to discipline my child in a positive way.”

“I have gained incredible knowledge about how my child’s brain develops and grows. I knew a good diet helps my child, but I didn’t know how.”

“Birth to five has meant a lot to me and my daughter, now six and in first grade. We gained a lot of knowledge of developmental skills and how to best work on new skills. The assessments were very helpful to confirm that my daughter was about where she needed to be and sometimes above average. She has learned a lot and always enjoyed the home visits, specially working with Marcia. We greatly appreciated the books provided and enjoyed the “Book Buddies.” My daughter is in first grade in reading one level above the expectation for the class. I attribute this to our regular reading in the teachings and encouragement of birth to five. She also scored very well on kindergarten pre-screening.”

“Thank you for your program. Our son is turning five, and we have been in the program since he was born. I didn’t know what age you are supposed to do certain things, and you guys let us know when and if my son was where he was supposed to be and let us know any concerns.”


“My son Kyson, who is now three years old, has been a participant in Birth to Five since he was born. He received his first visit from our Parent Educator when he was only one month old. When he was a few months old, we started noticing he was always tilting his head to the left when in an upright position. We mentioned this concern to our Parent Educator and she noticed it over the next few visits as well. She offered several suggestions such as increased tummy time to help strengthen his neck muscles. She really listened to our concerns and encouraged us to trust our instincts as parents and pursue this further. We did, and were referred to a physical therapist. The physical therapist explained that my son had a condition called torticollis which was due to his positioning in the womb. It can be corrected by following intensive stretching techniques and is easier to be corrected the earlier it is diagnosed. Thanks to the support of our Parent Educator, my son’s torticollis was corrected after only a few short months. My husband and I are thankful for all of the suggestions and support our Parent Educator has and will continue to provide for us and our son.”


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